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Provision of funeral coffins of every kind and quality and of every wood essence. Different in shapes, interior finishing and for any funeral ritual and religious faith.

Funeral Transportation

Funeral transports from and to any destination: national, international and intercontinental, land, naval or aerial. For funeral transports on the road latest generation hearses are used with personalized design, suitable for every need, including accompaniment for long travels.

Specialized Personnel

Provision of funeral operator specialized in the treatment of temporary preservation, cosmetic care, sanitation and dressing of the corpse, to be carried out at any place. The staff performs continuous and periodic updating courses for the use of cutting-edge tools and products.


Cremation of the deceased is performed in a modern crematory, with respect and professionalism, assisting family members through the whole process.

Handling of Paperwork

Preparation and filing of legal documents and other paperwork necessary to complete the arrangements and transport of corpses deceased at any place and destined for any other place or cemetery. We also take care of permits related to cremation and the release or scattering of the ashes. "Trusted Company from the Neapolitan Association of Cremation of the Region Campania".


Preparation and staging of decoration and funeral furniture of any kind and in any location, with particular care and attention.

Floral Compositions

Providing floral arrangements and decorations using any choice of flowers.


Grief-helping memories and accessories for anniversaries and special occasions.


Funeral care services and arrangements for your own funeral.

Funeral Home

Funeral homes in all our locations, to receive the corpse and keep it on display for family members.

Cemetery Furnishings

Provision of decorations, tombs, coverings, tombstones, engravings, photo ceramics etc of any type and size. Installation in the different cemeteries where our offices are located, carried out by our specialized staff.